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Annual Inspection Check-up Plan


Sign up as a local member with IPI to become eligible for our LOW COST, Annual Check-Up Inspection Plans! Members must live within IPI's service areas.


Know whats going on with your home on a yearly basis

Ireland Precision Inspections offers our customers an Annual Inspection Plan FOR HALF OF THE ORIGINAL INSPECTION PRICE after you buy a Residential Home Inspection service. If you are a concerned homeowner, do a lot of remodeling projects or just want to see whats new with your home every year, then sign up for our membership today! Have your inspections already booked every year in advance. Rescheduling is easy and hassle free. 


In order to fully qualify for this membership and benefits you will first need to book one Residential Home Inspection with us, then after that you are welcome to become a member and sign up for our Annual Inspection plan.  

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